Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Issue 3

This is one small part of an important scene in Issue 3. Ariel draws Octaymus bolting across outer space at high speeds (for a specific reason which I won't spoil for you). That's just a hint of the cosmic element in the story. So what is it with my fascination with the cosmos? Well, I like the unexplained, and dark science fiction fantasy is my favorite genre. Eye of The Keeper evolves from a story that takes place on earth, to a story that brings the rest of the universe to earth. I like to keep the characters grounded and relatable to the readers. It's all about the individual and what goes on inside their head. So while there are aliens in the story from advanced and tormented civilizations, they're not that different than humans, and their reasons for coming to Earth will prove to be interesting. All the characters have sordid and painful pasts and I'll explore their connections to other living beings.


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