Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Progress and Ink Splashes

Slow and steady wins the race. Well, though there is no race or rush when it comes to perfection, the series is coming along better than I had hoped. We just began issue 7, so the previous issues are ALL waiting to be printed/distributed, and digitized for the online reader community. The art is fantastic, and up to my abstract standards. I personally can't see wasted space on a comic book page, which is why all of the art is full bleed, meaning it's drawn to the edges of the page. And, storytelling remains intact thus providing you with a top notch read. One of my favorite things about an inked page is the ink splashes. When used appropriately it makes a punch in the face look very dramatic, as The Keeper is known to take on a regular basis. The series has grown in art since it's inception. There's fewer collages, and more tradational sequential storytelling but it also has a good balance of dynamic presentation. I do so love collages as they seamlessly blend art for a more surreal feel. It all depends on the situation. My favorite thing about comic book storytelling is when the art becomes something more than just talking heads and fancy poses (even though I love a good fancy pose). It's all about metamorphosis. Change is constant. I've had comments from "the art is just amazing" to "the art is very busy". There is definitely a lot going on in the art, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Why be typical right? So, enjoy the image pasted here. There's a small narrative with it as well (in classic "Keeper" style).


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